We are Mission-Next

Building stronger and more resilient communities

Who we are

Mission-Next Foundation

The Mission-Next Foundation aims to ethically provide solutions to problems facing most communities across the globe. With the Independent Shared Air Strategic Research Board, critical information to creating healthier communities is put into the public domain. We with the next generation of thinkers and leaders, veterans and their families, and those who want to make their community better through ethical decisions that do no harm.

Mission-Next was created by (Ret) Col Dr. Paul Nelson during his transition to civilian life after 31 years of service as a physician in the US Air Force. Paul and Betsy, his wife, decided that their “Mission-Next” would be to work with other veterans to share their experiences, knowledge, and values with a broader audience. The first aim? Tackle the War on COVID-19.

What we do

Our Primary Focus

We are passionate about our core belief of integrity and helping to build a better future.  We aim to execute meaningful work with individuals who are difference makers in their communities. 

COVID-19 Education

Using a consortium of scientific experts, within their respective fields, for continuous improvement on how we tackle the COVID-19 pandemic.

Military Transition

Provide information, tools, and training assistance for a successful transition back into civilian life.

Paying it Forward

Through efforts made with people from all walks of life, we believe that we can make a difference for future generations through working with our younger generations today.

Fight Against COVID-19

We have a true desire to find practical solutions to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. The effects that it has had on micro and macro levels is unacceptable. With years of experience in the fields of biological threats and scientific knowledge, we firmly believe that our Independent Shared Air Strategic Research Board provides the tools to tackle our current and future biological threats.

Soldier with parents

Passion for Veterans Transitioning Back to Civilian Life

Military service members are trained to be Mission-Oriented. They become in immersed in a mindset of “There’s a target, Go Destroy it.”  However, the civilian world does not always operate in the same way. This makes transitioning even more challenging. The Mission-Next Foundation is committed to helping veterans and transitioning members and their families find their “Mission-Next” as they adapt to civilian life – where they live, work, learn, play, and pray.

Paying it Forward

The only way we solve the problems of tomorrow is to invest in our communities and their future leaders today. We share our knowledge and experiences through the values of compassion and kindness. With our consortium and other partners, we believe we will make a difference in our world for all people.