We are Mission Next

Building stronger and more resilient communities

Who we are

Mission Next

Mission Next is a veteran family owned and operated company that partners with other veterans and value-driven veterans and ethically aligned scientists. Mission Next is building sustainable relationships that provide incentives and value to all people and institutions. Mission Next is committed to working within its values as they strive to help our stakeholders, our society, and the world as a whole.


Mission Next was created during Paul’s transition to civilian life after 31 years of service as a physician in the US Air Force. Paul and Betsy decided that their “Mission Next” is to work with other veterans and share their experiences, knowledge, and values with a broader audience as they tackle the War On Covid.

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What we do

Our Primary Focus

We are passionate about our core beliefs and helping to build a better future.  Our main focus is on military veterans and their families transitioning back into civilian life, fighting and winning the war on COVID-19, and Paying it Forward to our future generations.

Military Transition

Provide information, tools, and training assistance for a successful transition back into civilian life.

COVID-19 Education

Using a consortium of scientific experts, within their respective fields, for continuous improvement on how we tackle the COVID-19 pandemic.

Paying it Forward

Through efforts made today, we believe that we can make a difference for our future generations.

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Passion for Veterans Transitioning back to Civilian Life

Military service members are trained to be Mission-Oriented. A mindset of “There’s a target, Go Destroy it.” But, more often than not, life after the military is not mission oriented. Therefore, transitioning is more difficult than ever imagined. Mission Next is committed to helping veterans and transitioning members and their families find their “Mission Next” as they adapt to civilian life – where they live, work, learn, play, and pray.

Fight Against COVID-19

We have a true desire to fight back against our current COVID-19 pandemic.  The effects that is has had on our family, friends, and nation is not acceptable.  With many years of experience in the fields of biological threats and scientific knowledge, we firmly believe we have the tools to help tackle this pandemic and future threats.

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Paying it Forward

Our passion is to “Pay it Forward” in the respects of starting a chain reaction of kindness and compassion.  Not only for our current generation but for all future generations.  If you had the ability and knowledge to help, would you?  With our consortium and other partners, we believe that we can make a difference in the current and future world.